Art should be in school.

He sat in front of me.

Either Cindy or Guy go to the market, but not both.

Sriram is a kid.

No student in our class is smarter than Kate.


The affection of the lowly is like a wall of sand.

Jeannie said I might find you here.

Slartibartfast is a geek.

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There are fish in the sea.

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I'm here to help you.

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Thank you for your work.

What does that word mean?

We're investigating the murder of Irving Jackson.

Are there reserved seats for this film?

We have a lot of ground to cover.

Nothing else happened.

He is called Jeff by everyone.

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I'm going to speak to them.


Someone's going to hurt you.

This problem was troubling us until last night when we found the cause and fixed it.

Can city-boys plough?

I have some work to do this evening.

The pirates buried a treasure on the island.

Maternal love is greater than anything else.

They're my classmates.

It's dirty work, but someone has to do it.

He can ski as skilfully as his father.

I should've been able to help.

Who taught Craig how to speak French?

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Even though he has become boss of the company, Mr Yamada is unassuming. That's probably why he is liked by everyone.


The Secretary General is making a last-ditch effort to negotiate a peace treaty between the two warring factions.

With a deafening roar, the rocket was hurled into space.

Farmers have to get used to dealing with the variability of the weather.

She draws on her socks.

Marian wanted to ask Lenny a favor.


We can pay cash.

When we came to the crossroads our cab slowed down.

I've been way busier than expected.

At your age, you ought to know better.

Is it getting worse?

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Can you come back in here?

I used to keep a diary every day when I was young.

Handwritten essays won't be accepted.

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We do things together.

Small pots have long handles.

Please get me a ticket.


Fortunately the guest of honor did not pick up on the allusion.


I fell asleep on her shoulder.

I've never been fishing with Mickey.

Walter Mondale ran for President.

It's not a fair fight.

I think we'd better get you home.

They're getting ready.

Why not apply for that job?


What is the area of this house?

Grass is luxuriant in summer.

Why didn't somebody help you?

Did you see them that night?

I'm not a midget. I'm a dwarf!

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Some people can't do that.

Moran knew the risks.

Do you have something to make this headache go away?


It'll only take a few minutes.

A scientist had to know how to ask the correct question and to state it so clearly that the answer would be, in effect, a definite yes or no, not "maybe".

I really loved the show.

How did you know Archie and Those weren't really married?

Radek seems to be in love with Orville.

All the clergy are against the new law.

Surya had no intention of waiting that long.

I didn't do anything to deserve this.

Woody says that the three of you are his brothers.

The soul of sweet delight, can never be defiled.

Part's parents don't like me.


Pratap panicked.


Darrell never cooks on Sunday.

The doctor advised me to drink more milk.

Looks like I might have to burn the midnight oil tonight.

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It didn't break.


You seem to be telling the truth.


I wanted to be just like you.

Due to constant seismic activity, Japanese engineers have come up with novel construction techniques.

I've been interested in art ever since I was just a kid.

Sherman said he was ready to leave.

I am interested in this story.

What do you think it means when a man gives a woman his key?

I don't think we have to do this now.

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You're the only person who ever comes to visit me.

Rathnakumar cleaned his room.

I've already worked in a restaurant.

Such an event is quite common here.

I have no will power when it comes to dieting.

The problem is beyond the scope of my understanding.

The effect of gravity extends from each object out into space in all directions, and for an infinite distance.


Ramesh will be staying at least until next Monday.

Think carefully before you promise anything.

The house was on the right side of the road.

Are you quite sure?

It's because you don't want to be alone.

Does it often snow in the winter here?

I'm seeing her again on Monday.


Ken seems to have a terrible cold.


My placement supervisor allowed me to take a day off.


She is a strenuous supporter of women's rights.

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It seems that many people don't know the difference between "loose" and "lose".

One's as bad as the other.

We're all quite fond of Kees.

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I have no reason to lie to her.

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They set up a fund to support the victims.

I don't know what the future will bring.

My uncle's handwriting is hard to read.

Cristi slipped on ice and broke his hip last winter.

Varda is quite a mischievous child.

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I should've gone fishing.

Where did you call them?

That's the tallest building I've ever seen.

In Denmark, there aren't any yellow postboxes.

He promised me the position of company president.

Ronald couldn't be convinced.

That's the eject button. Don't touch it.

Nadeem drove home at 2:30.

John passed the examination.

Are diet pills as healthy as they say?

The giraffe has a long neck.

Now it's another thing.

You know my position.

I suggest that we eat now unless you're not hungry yet.

He couldn't speak because the audience was too noisy.

Yesterday he had written the letter.

Come on, Hal, we don't have all day.

I'm not about to stop.

Deborah doesn't seem to be busy.

Your dog is big and mine is small.

Are you sure you aren't imagining things?

Could I get some tea?

Why are you wearing a tie today?

I cannot do otherwise than obey him.

It's the gold standard.

They had to remove a bullet lodged near his spine.

Have you questioned him?


The damage was minimal.

This planet is in serious danger.

Kiki is very good at chess.

Dimitry has apparently already gone home.

When practicing at home, the aspiring bartender had to use a potato peeler to zest lemons.

The child shouted, "Watch out, a snake!"

Dylan has been in love with you ever since you were kids.


I'm not buying it, Al.

He made a frank admission.

I feel hungry after a long walk.

Jason has been working hard the whole time.

I visit him often.

The matter is of great importance.

How can I make a long-distance call?

Jason and Pandora looked at each other.

It seems that anything can happen today.

These people should be sterilised.

The boy is over there.

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Stop Cory.

Hardworking people succeed in life.

There he is.


It's creepy in here.


Why haven't you told Jisheng when and where the meeting will be?

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Terri unbuckled his seat belt and got out of the car.